Text (in german and english)
about my film NYC RGB
by Alejandro Bachmann

In conversation with Ângela Berlinde
for das weisse haus – dwhx space project, 2022

Why do I make prints?
by Viktoria Schmid for, 2022

Essay (in german)
Notiz zu A proposal to project in scope von Viktoria Schmid
by Patrick Holzapfel, Jugend ohne Film, 2020

Review (in italian)
A Proposal to project in Scope
by Francesco Cazzin, L’emergere del possibile, 2020

Review (in german and italian)
A Proposal to project in Scope
by Marina Pavido, Cinema Austriaco, 2020

Review (in german)
Diagonale 2019: Avantgarde-Rundschau
by Rainer Kienböck, Jugend ohne Film

Text about my work (in hungarian)
Ne akard, hogy elpusztítsalak! 
by Erdei Krisztawrote, Art Portal, 2018

about our exhibition Slow Down at Kunsthalle Exnergasse
with Kim Knowles as part of the research project ‘Reset the Apparatus’, 2018

Statement (in german)
Film als Co-Autor – Die Trägheit als Potential 
by Viktoria Schmid as part of Cinema Next’s Breakfast Club Talks, 2017