A Proposal to project in 4:3

Sculpture: Canvas, wood, 2016
Film: 16mm, 2 min, 2016
Contribution to the sculpture collection of the Djerassi Artist in Residency Program

Schmid builds her own projection screens ranging from aspect ratios currently in use (in this case 4:3, the format she uses the most often, 16mm being her primary medium) to entirely fictitious ones (the 4:1 Viktoriascope) and if possible she then films them in the exact same aspect ratio. While at the Djerassi Artist in Residency Program in California, the artist constructed a screen with wood and canvas and installed it in the program’s sculpture park. In A proposal to project in 4:3, Schmid shot this site-specific installation over the course of a single day when the screen became projection surface for the subtle interplay of shadow and light from the surrounding trees and shrubs. Cinema without film. (Claudia Slanar)

A homemade screen in the middle of a vast, green landscape. The surrounding trees and bushes appear as dancing shadows on the projection area. Natural cinema – without a dark movie theater, artificial illusion, or film. Plato’s caveman left his dark dungeon – and is still ecstatic. (Michelle Koch – Diagonale Film Festival)

A projection screen proposes to project: this can mean a literal projection with projector and electric generator or it can mean enabling shadows, varying at different times of day, to become visible on its white surface or it can mean a screen in the forest triggering thoughts in its unfamiliar surrounding.

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