The clouds are not like either one – they do not keep one form forever 

Installation: 3 x 16mm projectors, 3 projection screens, B&W film with colored filters, 2014

Schmid uses three 16mm loops of clouds, filmed through red, green and blue filters and projected through a filter of the same color onto three staggered screens. The closest screen presents a triptych, with each color presented separately; as it bleeds through onto a second translucent screen further away, the image now overlaps, the clouds sliding past each other; finally, the third opaque screen presents all three colors in one single image, the culmination of the process. A sculptural installation that directs interest towards each individual component. What if color film ceased to exist? Schmid asks this question in all seriousness, and provides an answer of sorts: return to the past and start again… (Text: Kim Knowles)

The screenprints were each made from a frame of the three color separation cloud loops. The 16mm film still that was shot through the red filter is printed in cyan, the one shot through the green filter in magenta, and the one shot through the blue filter in yellow. They reference Louis Ducros du Hauron’s first theoretical considerations of and attempts at subtractive color printing as well as their later development for motion pictures – the famous color film process, Technicolor.

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